About Sara

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Hi I’m Sara – a psychic and astrologer from Hobart, Tasmania. I have nearly 30 years’ experience giving accurate and informative readings combining practical advice with spiritual guidance and insight. I have helped thousands of people find peace and clarity and a positive way forward through the ups and downs of love, money, family and career – anything that life can send you.

I am well known for my accuracy and psychic ability and have had a long career writing horoscopes and psychic advice columns for many newspapers and magazines including Good Medicine, Elle, Take 5 and Grazia, and making radio and television appearances since 1993. Now I offer psychic and astrology readings to clients around the world via email, plus provide astrological and psychic resources.

I am fortunate to have been blessed with abilities and insight which I have developed and refined over many years. I’m happiest using these gifts to help guide people through difficult times and find the best way forward on their unique spiritual and life path. I have a lifelong passion for helping women become empowered and free to live abundant lives filled with health, love and happiness – as we all deserve!

Apart from my psychic work I am an avid gardener who tries to grow all my own fruit, herbs and vegetables, bakes bread and love being a bit of a domestic goddess. I live at the end of the earth in Hobart, Tasmania and lead a quiet and simple, peaceful life with my wonderful husband/soulmate of 20 years (and three grumpy chickens). I love to work tucked away in my reading room in contact with amazing and interesting people from all over the world who have readings with me. It is a happy and fulfilling life and I feel very lucky and grateful.