Your Stars for the Week Beginning 26 March 2018


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to

Aries For some singles, a love affair may start to become serious this week as you realize this could possibly be ‘the one’. For most Aries this will bring a lot of happiness, but for others their plans and existing commitments may make this a lot to manage and deal with. Remember, if you are meant to be together it will work out in the end.

Taurus Romantic and beautiful Venus moves into your sign on Saturday, turning your mind to love and looking good. There is no better time to hit the shops and beauty salons with your girlfriends as this week is all about girlie stuff and feeling fabulous. Uneasy friction and dramas at home may make some consider moving house.

Gemini A problem which has been bubbling away in the background could reach boiling point as the Full Moon on Saturday brings matters to a peak. The good news is that once the fuss has died down everyone, including you, will feel much better. Take time out for doing something that makes you happy – even just for an afternoon.

Cancer Something important in your life will reach a crossroads and you will have to decide whether to continue and commit or simply walk away. There may be some changes at work due to orders from managers and/or committees. Don’t panic as the changes will work out in your favour and make your life easier in the long run.

Leo Your career sector is very lucky right now so you should have good luck with charming your boss or an interview panel with your personality. If you have done the hard work to back your words a new job or promotion is on the cards. Spending quality time with your best girlfriends will bring lots of laughs and entertaining gossip.

Virgo You will be in a positive mood and looking forward to something new to break up your daily routine. Taking control of your diet and exercise habits will bring you good results right now. Conflict about money and priorities will become easier after an honest discussion sets things straight. Stay clear of office politics and gossip.

Libra Loving Venus moves into your intimacy zone on Saturday, making you feel very passionate and sexy. A special gift from a lover over the weekend will have strong sentimental and possibly financial value, sealing a promise. Financially you should think very carefully before you buy something expensive or big.

Scorpio Some subconscious and hidden feelings may surface this week, bringing a change. Even if the signs aren’t very noticeable yet, within a few months everything will seem completely different. Enjoy the beginning of romantic and exciting times as Venus enters your relationship zone on Tuesday. For some, new duties in your current job start soon.

Sagittarius Your social life is absolutely buzzing this week making this a fantastic time for a party, especially on Saturday night’s full Moon. There are very good stars for romance and meeting interesting people, although not so good for turning flings into serious relationships. Your health may suffer if you over-indulge, so try to be moderate.

Capricorn This is a week of new beginnings and second chances – especially in love. You could rekindle a connection with an old lover online and be tempted to meet them. For some this will bring closure and the ability to move on, but for others the spark is still as strong as ever. Venus entering your romance zone brings bliss.

Aquarius Pay close attention to your intuition this week as your hunches are likely to be proven correct – especially where someone new is concerned. Some money you have waited for will arrive, which will bring peace and a chance to buy something you have wanted for a long time. The stars are excellent for Taurus singles finding love.

Pisces Money will feature heavily in your life this week, either through a small windfall or more likely through the arrival of some breathtaking bills. Although this will restrict your shopping for a few weeks, you will still enjoy having some great times with your best girlfriends. One of these friends may introduce you to a new love interest



Author: Sara

Sara is a Psychic Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Tarot reader working and living in Hobart, Tasmania. She has over 25 years professional experience providing psychic guidance and practical advice to clients throughout Australia and internationally. Her psychic readings are very popular and give insight into love, money, family, career, life direction and spiritual destiny.

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