Virgo – The Next Twelve Months


A look at Life, Love, Career and Money for Virgo over the next 12 months. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to or to see her in person please go to or you can get a personal astrology report for yourself, your relationship, child or love nature here

Life There are strong energies for travel, exploration and study over the next twelve months – anything which broadens your horizons and understanding of the world is going to be good for you. For some this may take the form of physically travelling to foreign places and living the lifestyle, but for most it will come through learning new things and perhaps meeting someone who is from a far-off place who opens up your understanding of their culture and background.

This is an absolutely wonderful time for any study or training – no matter what level. It will bring you more freedom and independence and give you greater choices about your future work and career long term – as well as improving your earnings and security. Work and study that you do now will pay off for you in future and sees Virgos becoming more established in their calling and true field.

The eclipses which occur in January and February 2018 may bring flashes of insight and a heightening of spiritual and intuitive ability. Make sure you take notice of any dreams you have at this time as it is likely that they hold a message for you. There is also a strong connection between your spiritual energy and your health. Meditation, relaxation, yoga and mindfulness are all good things for you to begin or develop as it may help with your overall well-being – especially if you have mysterious and difficult to diagnose problems.

For some the coming year will see you settling down and starting or increasing your family. This will bring extra responsibilities and obligations to you (along with all the bliss, smiles and cuddles!) – but will also bring a sense of stability and security and also help you to create a feeling of solid foundations to build your life upon.

Love You have mysterious and mystical Neptune in your relationship zone and this can lead to some confusing moments through the year. Clear communication is a good step to finding the answers, but it is better to look at your loved one’s actions for the truth of a situation rather than just listening to words. This may be that they show you how much they care through small and practical actions rather than making big statements, look to these and know that you are loved.

Singles may feel that it is time to get serious about romance and their love life. Practical action like actually going out and meeting people, or getting over your shyness and going on an online introduction site – all this will help you to meet someone that you have a real connection with and have the potential for taking things to the next stage.

Best times for Single Virgos: late-December until mid-January, although any time before late-December is positive.

Those Virgos in long term relationships need to be aware that they are not sacrificing too much for their relationship. We all have to compromise and have give and take in our relationships, but if it is you who is doing all the giving and compromising with little or nothing coming back – then you need to take action and start drawing some healthy and firm boundaries. There is the opportunity for truly unconditional love and for being with your soul mate and having a soul connection, for some this is the love of a lifetime, just keep your feet on the ground and keep up with the daily routine, even while your head is in the stars.

Best times for Virgos in long term relationships: mid-February to early March.

Career: After December, it appears that the pressure from home and trying to balance out work and home will become a lot easier with perhaps some of your responsibilities at home lessening. This is showing to be a good year for you to make progress in your career through being reliable and working hard, and also letting those in charge what you do and where you would like to take your career in future. The Lunar eclipse in your work zone in February may bring a new start and turning point in your working life. This may be a promotion or change of location or employer, it is going to give you more freedom and control over your working life.

Best times for career: late April to late May

Money: You are coming to the end of an abundant cycle in your finances and by late October you will have moved on. This isn’t to say that you won’t have money luck – it is just that you may have to work harder for what you get. There is good luck financially coming through writing, communicating and sharing your ideas with people, any online business is likely to be profitable through this time.

Best times financially: mid-October through to early November

Author: Sara

Sara is a Psychic Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Tarot reader working and living in Hobart, Tasmania. She has over 25 years professional experience providing psychic guidance and practical advice to clients throughout Australia and internationally. Her psychic readings are very popular and give insight into love, money, family, career, life direction and spiritual destiny.

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