Horoscope for the week beginning 1 February 2016


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a personal astrology or psychic reading with Sara, either by phone, email or in person, please call or text 0434 634 092 or email to make a booking.

Aries The focus for this week is on your career and working environment, directing your energies towards changing the workplace or improving your position in some way. A change of image may work wonders if you are finding it hard to get ahead – particularly in love. A great time for a make-over to update your look to better suit your personality.

Taurus Your day to day life and routine appear to be taking a change for the better due to some unexpected luck or a twist of fate this week. This lucky change may come from just being in the right place at the right time, also the efforts and sacrifices you have made in the past look like they will be rewarded very shortly. Keep things light and easy in love.

Gemini It is time for a very open and honest discussion with one of your friends. Although you may not be expecting what you hear, talking things over will help to sort out hurt feelings and silly misunderstandings. You may need to play the mediator at work as two strong-willed people clash badly over the way things should be done or structured.

Cancer Your relationship sector is buzzing this week, with happiness, fresh energy and maybe a feeling of restlessness for some. There may be a temptation with your current stars to have more than one relationship going at once. This may be OK if you are single but is showing as a source of conflict if there is anything underhand about it.

Leo This is a time for following your own star and being true to your ideas and hopes. Other people may not understand the path you want to take just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you are wrong or that they wont change their mind in future. Expect some good news around Thursday, there may even be some kind of recognition or reward for you.

Virgo The focus for this week is all about activities around the home and family. The weekend could become quite busy with DIY projects and spring cleaning. You will want to get rid of all the clutter and be fresh and ready for what the future might bring. Selling your unwanted junk at a garage sale or online will give a financial boost.

Libra This is a very intense week for relationships, which as Libra is the harmony and love junkie of the zodiac, you may take it hard. Don’t let yourself be bullied into giving way on something that is important to you. It seems that drawing healthy boundaries against other people’s assertiveness is the most positive way to deal with these energies.

Scorpio This is a good week to be assertive and for asking for what you deserve. This is especially true at work. Don’t try to get too many things done at once, or feel pressured to take on more than you can handle as you are under pressure at the moment. Relationships will be good if you can feel free to be yourself and true to your ideals.

Sagittarius This is an action packed and energetic week, but one that can be very productive. You may find that you are much busier than usual, running after other people and trying to get ahead yourself. Make time over the weekend to really relax and unwind, and don’t forget a soothing bath and glass of wine or meditation to really get the muscles loose.

Capricorn This is another action packed week, especially where love, beauty and relationships are concerned. You have excellent stars for feeling happy and generous and for meeting new people. However, you may feel torn between the desire for a deep intense relationship and wanting to stay free and independent. The answer is a relationship where you can be yourself.

Aquarius Trying to please everyone else and putting your own needs last is a recipe for disaster this week. While compromise and give and take are a part of life, you should not compromise core values or what is really important to your life and happiness. Honestly communicating to find a middle ground and avoiding power games is the best path to take.

Pisces Once you make a decision or decide upon a goal, stick to it and see it through, especially if it is about your ambitions. Don’t let others talk you out of it or let laziness make you give up after a little while. The energies that are surrounding you at the moment are excellent for making constructive and far reaching change – so keep on with the transformations!

Author: Sara

Sara is a Psychic Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Tarot reader working and living in Hobart, Tasmania. She has over 25 years professional experience providing psychic guidance and practical advice to clients throughout Australia and internationally. Her psychic readings are very popular and give insight into love, money, family, career, life direction and spiritual destiny.

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