Weekly Horoscope for 22 June 2015


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a personal astrology or psychic reading with Sara, either by phone, email or in person, please call or text 0434 634 092 or email to make a booking.

Aries Now is a great time for redecorating or beautifying your home and garden in some way. It may be that you are able to buy something for the home you have wanted for a while. At any rate, home and family are a source of big happiness throughout this week. An old issue which has caused tension may be easily resolved after all.

Taurus Although there may be some confusing moments at times this week, if you follow your intuition and maybe the advice of a trusted friend, you will be able to see things more clearly. A long distance relationship will feel intensely romantic and perfect for some. Just take things slowly and don’t rush into anything.

Gemini This should be a happy and harmonious week for you. One of your dreams may take a step closer to becoming a reality, which will make you feel very excited. You may be feeling more spiritual or psychic at the moment due to the heavy influence of Neptune, planet of dreams, mysteries and spirituality. Be careful not to over-indulge on the weekend.

Cancer Mars the planet of ambition, drive and energy moves into your sign on Wednesday, giving you a big boost. This is a good time for pushing ahead with one or more of your dreams, as even the smallest steps you make now have the right energy to become much bigger over time. You just need to be persistent and keep pushing.

Leo You may be troubled by some restless nights over the week as there are strong planetary energies influencing your subconscious zone right now. Having long soothing baths, quiet walks – whatever helps you to unwind, make sure you do it every day to help you sleep well and recuperate from the day. Trust your hunches.

Virgo This is a great week for all things to do with your friends and like-minded groups and organisations. It may be that you make the decision to join a group devoted to a social or perhaps political or charity cause. Deciding to do something constructive, rather than just complaining or feeling powerless, will be rewarding.

Libra There are very positive stars for all matters to do with career and public status this week. You should be able to deal harmoniously and positively with superiors and it is very likely that they will appreciate your input. For some, a relationship may deepen into a serious commitment or even a marriage proposal. Do what your heart tells you.

Scorpio The stars are excellent for starting a new career or place of work this week, especially for Scorpios who are fed up with their current job. This may be the change you need to shake up other areas of your life as well. Your energy levels should be running high this week. Channel this energy into getting practical tasks done.

Sagittarius You may be feeling pulled between your work and home life this week, especially on Friday. All you will want to do is be at home with your loved ones and possibly gardening or being creative in the kitchen. Mars, the planet of passion moves into your intimacy zone on Wednesday, so thing look likely to sizzle in the bedroom.

Capricorn A great week for money and all things associated with using your resources wisely. Use some creative thinking if you come up short on something you want. Asking around your friends and neighbours, swapping and selling old unused junk may give you the cash or goods you need without stretching the budget.

Aquarius Things are looking up for you financially, and you may even be lucky enough to get a gift from a friend or lover. Try to make time to relax, as your health sector has a lot of stress going on at the moment, meaning that things like tension headaches and upset tummies may happen if you don’t make time to unwind.

Pisces This is not the best time to say what is on your mind or reveal what you are planning to do. Work away quietly and steadily towards your goals and you may be surprised to find that you win out easily when the time is right. Relationships will feel happy if you can focus on the good of what they really are, not what you dream they were.

Author: Sara

Sara is a Psychic Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Tarot reader working and living in Hobart, Tasmania. She has over 25 years professional experience providing psychic guidance and practical advice to clients throughout Australia and internationally. Her psychic readings are very popular and give insight into love, money, family, career, life direction and spiritual destiny.

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