Weekly Horoscope 9 February 2015


Here are your stars and predictions for this week. I will be posting a weekly horoscope again from now on, I had to take a break for cancer surgery and recovery, but I’m now back and fighting fit! Have a great week.

Aries Don’t jump to conclusions about something a friend says this week. It may be just a misunderstanding which will be cleared up before the week is out. Secret crushes and affairs will be tempting for some Aries. Just make sure that you are not projecting your hopes and fantasies onto someone who really isn’t worth it.

Taurus Career matters will be a highlight for some Taurus people this week. Wait until after Wednesday before you put in applications or ask your boss for a raise etc. The planetary vibes will be a lot happier after then. Romantically you may receive an invitation which surprises and flatters you – even if you have no intention of accepting.

Gemini The way to success with superiors is to use a mixture of charm and assertion. Make sure you stand up for what you know is right, but do it with a smile. The slow pace of the last few weeks will finally start to speed up and blockages and obstacles will turn out to be easily dealt with after all. This will give you more peace of mind and relief.

Cancer Think very carefully before you take on any loans or shared purchases, and make sure that you check all the small print before you sign. If you have any doubts about a big commitment you are about to make, try to play for time until you are completely certain that it is what you want to do – especially if you would be committed for some years.

Leo This isn’t the best time for you to push ahead and force issues. Instead use this down time to rest and relax, but also to think about your long term future while enjoying the present. Take the time to really appreciate what you have and you may find that you don’t need as much as you thought you did. Love life is good!

Virgo Romantic Venus and passionate Mars are united in your relationship sector this week, making marriages and relationships happy and sizzling. This is a great time for rekindling the spark between couples who have got a bit stale or in a rut. Make the time to be romantic and put your relationship ahead of the house and family duties for once.

Libra There may be some mixed signals from a romantic interest as it seems you can’t work out what it is they really mean. Don’t let insecurity and your fears get the better of you. Just ask them straight out what is going on (casually and without drama) and you could well be relieved by the answers you get. Save the social life until the weekend when the energy affecting your sign will become more free flowing and in the mood for people.

Scorpio Plans to move or change your home may be temporarily put on hold as something unexpected gets in the way. This will soon pass and your home life will be flowing as usual. Venus in your romance sector could have you feeling in the mood for love, fun and parties. Be careful who you flirt with though – it could get serious!

Sagittarius Communication could be a bit of a problem this week, especially if you are waiting for news or an important message from someone. The energy shifts forwards on Wednesday so talking things over and finding out the information you need will be easier after then. Home and family life will be particularly rewarding and enjoyable.

Capricorn News you have been waiting for is likely to come this week, especially if it is regarding money or work. You will be hoping that you can put off, or wriggle out of, an encounter with someone who you really don’t want to deal with. Be brave and face it head on, it wont be anywhere near as bad as you imagine it.

Aquarius Things are looking better for you financially as you seem to be able to attract good things towards you at the moment. Don’t rush into anything new this week as you would be better really thinking things through before you act or announce your plans. It seems that some of your ideas about your future will have to be adjusted.

Pisces This should be a happy week and you should be looking and feeling great as beautiful Venus travels through your zone of physical appearance. On a different note, this is a good time for following your own advice and what you know is right for you and ignoring those people who would try to talk you out of it.

Author: Sara

Sara is a Psychic Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Tarot reader working and living in Hobart, Tasmania. She has over 25 years professional experience providing psychic guidance and practical advice to clients throughout Australia and internationally. Her psychic readings are very popular and give insight into love, money, family, career, life direction and spiritual destiny.

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